Hostinger Name Server Change QUICKLY 2020

If you are planning to host your website/ blog on the Hostinger web server then obviously you will be needed the Hostinger name server to point out your domain to the hosting DNS server.

To find out your name servers you must have to login your Hostinger hosting panel with the user id and password. Then go to the Details section under Accounts. On the screen of the details page, you will get the Hostinger name servers. There would be at least two name servers to use.

Name servers will look something like:

You have to copy these name servers and paste them into a note pad.

Now you have to log in to your domain provider account and go to the manage domain settings. Here, you will get the default name server of your domain. But you have to replace them with the Hostinger name server to make your website live.

Note: Default domain propagation time is 24-48 hours and during this period you may face some issues into website design and etc. So, don’t panic yourself and check after 48 hours.

Change Hostinger Name Server Via A Records

You can also use another method to change your name server via A record. For that, you must have to change the IP address connected to the DNS record. Your IP address must be static.

Note: For this method, you required static IP only, therefore, this strategy is not recommended.


There are two methods I discussed in my short article for the ease. The first method followed by changing the name servers and second by domain registrar’s A records. Either you required Hostinger Name Server or took website hosting from another hosting company.

It’s recommended for you to go to with the very first method (changing name servers through DNS zone). Since, this method sets domain with the hosting IP address, automatically. Plus, propagate DNS without any hassle.

Now, your turn…

Please let me know which method is EASY for you? Also, share your recommendations through the comment box below.

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