Top Web Hosting Comparison 2020

I know how hectic it is to choose a good web hosting. I understood when I was planning a good host for my own website.

Since everyone wants to keep the website running smoothly. Therefore, no matter it’s a business website or a hobby blog.

There are a lot of hosting companies but obviously you must have to choose the best fit for you.

My Promise – I do understand the value of your time and money. Thus, I designed a web hosting comparison post to make your life easy. You will not face the hassle that I faced in hosting selection.

So, this comparison will give you full insight with the most possible up to date information.

Hence, after analysis of REAL customers’ feedback, my unbiased reviews are…

Shared Web Hosting Comparison

Shared hosting is widely used due to its low price. Therefore, it’s very popular all around the world.

Since there are plenty of hosting service providers. Therefore, I’ll list 7 TOP shared hosting companies for you.

Hence, give a look at the comparison table, plan starts from $0.99…

Host Name Price from / mo. Websites Disc Space Bandwidth Email Accounts Freebies Money Back All Features
Dream Host $2.59 1 Unlimited Unmetered SSL, Domain 97 days Check Now
Bluehost $3.95* 1 50 GB Unmetered SSL 30 days Check Now
a2 Hosting $2.99 1 100 GB Unmetered Unlimited Backup  Any Time Check Now
Namecheap $1.44 3 20 GB Unmetered Unlimited SSL, Backup  30 days Check Now
Hostinger $0.99 1 10 GB 100 GB 1 SSL  30 days Check Now
Inmotion $6.39 2 Unlimited Unmetered Unlimited SSL, Domain  90 days Check Now
iPage $1.99 Unlimited Unlimited Unmetered Unlimited SSL, Domain  30 days Check Now
Host Hero $2.95 Unlimited Unlimited Unmetered Unlimited Domain  30 days Check Now

COOL Enough…

There are more than 1 billion sites on the world wide web by Jan 2020. The exact numbers are changing every second.

Truth – However, only 10-15% of websites are active and most of them are hosted on a shared server.

I don’t want to go in-depth with stats but want to let you know the popularity of shared hosting.

Since I already promised that I’m going to share only the TOP web hosts so it’s very hard to say that this one is not good among them.

Consequently, you have to choose as per your priority and requirement.

Shared Hosting Review

Every hosting plan may have some merits and demerits.

a2 hosting that gives you any time money-back guarantee is best for who wants to be at the safer side.


Inmotion hosting is also giving you a long term money-back guarantee of 90 days. Plus, unlimited disc space and email accounts with two website hosting.

Cool right? YES…

Host Metro and iPage are best for those who want to host multiple domains under budget. Moreover, they offer unlimited disc space and email accounts with 30 days refund.

Bloggers who want to start their blogging journey and looking for the cheap hosting package with good services, for them Hostinger and Namecheap are good.

To clarify,

Hostinger is best because they are super cheap. Their shared hosting plans start from $0.99 per month only.

Namecheap is also popular for its cheap and best plans. So, if you want to host multiple blogs up to 3 then go with Namecheap hosting.

Last but not least,

Bluehost is one of the popular hosting service providers. However, somehow Bluehost shared hosting plan is lagging behind but that doesn’t mean it is not up to the mark.

To sum up, please let me remind you once more that every shared hosting has some pros and cons. So, now it’s your turn to choose the best one for you. I’m done…

Managed WordPress Web Hosting Comparison

Do you know that WordPress is taken over 35% of web?

Shocked? Hahaha…

But it’s true.

Hence, I came up with 7 Best managed WordPress hosting plans…

Host Name Price from / mo. Websites Storage Email Accounts 24×7 Support Money Back Other Features
Bluehost $19.95* Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes 30 days Check Now
DreamHost $16.95 1 30 GB Unlimited Yes 97 days Check Now
a2 hosting $11.99 1 10 GB Unlimited Yes Any Time Check Now
WP engine $25.00 1 10 GB Yes 30 days Check Now
Namecheap $3.88 Unlimited 10 GB Unlimited Yes 30 days Check Now
Hostinger $2.15 Unlimited 20 GB Yes 30 days Check Now
Inmotion $6.99 1 40 GB Unlimited Yes 90 days Check Now
iPage $3.75 1 Unlimited Unlimited Yes 30 days Check Now
Host Hero $3.95 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes 30 days Check Now

WordPress is the most powerful and widely used CMS among all content management systems.

Since its structure and coding are quite different. Therefore, managed WordPress hosting is designed to give up the highest performance.

When you will search WordPress hosting possibly you will get two types of plans.

1. Shared WordPress hosting 2. Managed WordPress hosting

Note: I would like to guide you, don’t fool yourself by choosing shared WordPress hosting because it’s nothing but a simple shared hosting.

My goodness, some hosts are selling shared hosting plans separately by the name of “shared WordPress hosting”. Trust me they are just making you fool by a different name.

Therefore, for WordPress websites always go with the managed WordPress service. I’m sure you will get an outstanding speed.

VPS Web Hosting Comparison

VPS (virtual private server) hosting is one of the popular hosting services.

For example, your website has good traffic. But the website takes time in loading.

Plus, you don’t want to spend on a dedicated server then go for VPS hosting.

Host Name Price from / mo. CPU Core Storage RAM Bandwidth Dedicated IP Other Features
Bluehost $19.99* 2 30 GB 2 GB 1 TB 1 Check Now
a2 hosting $25.00 4 75 GB 4 GB 2 GB Check Now
Namecheap $3.88 2 40 GB RAID-10 2 GB 1000 GB 1 Check Now
Hostinger $3.95 1 20 GB 1 GB 1000 GB 1 Check Now
Inmotion $29.99 1 75 GB 4 GB 4 TB 3 Check Now
Host Hero $49.95 20 GB 512 MB 100 GB 2 Check Now

VPS hosting uses virtualization technology to give dedicated resources on a web server that has multiple accounts on it.

As a result, a physical server is subdivided virtually.

Cloud Web Hosting Comparison

If you are concerned about website speed and maximum uptime then cloud hosting is best for you.

Moreover, it gives you data security.

Host Name Price from / mo. CPU Core Storage RAM Bandwidth Websites Other Features
Hostinger $7.45 2 100 GB 3 GB Unmetered Unlimited Check Now
Host Hero $3.95 Unlimited Unmetered Unlimited Check Now
a2 hosting $5.00 1 20 GB 512 MB Unlimited Check Now
Inmotion $5.00 1 25 GB 1 GB 1 TB Unlimited Check Now

Let’s understand little more about cloud hosting to decide you need it or not.

Cloud hosting uses load balancing technology. Therefore, it uses multiple web servers to distribute the load. As a result, maximum uptime.

Suppose one server fails, another will keep your website up and running. Thus, results in no downtime.

So, this is the beauty of cloud hosting that you can not see in a shared or dedicated server.

Now the question arise – what kinda websites use cloud hosting?

Well, cloud hosting is good for eCommerce, high traffic, lead generation, and corporate websites.

Certainly, it is robust and provides high security, faster website speed with approximately zero downtime.

Dedicated Server Web Hosting Comparison

A term dedicated server is used to describe web hosting packages that provide a dedicated server machine (physical server machine) with dedicated resources to a single client.

Dedicated hosting is ideal for the big companies and high traffic websites.

Here are the 6 best dedicated server companies…

Host Name Price from / mo. CPU Core Storage RAM Bandwidth Dedicated IP Other Features
Bluehost $79.99* 4 500 GB (Mirrored) Storage 4 GB 5 TB 3 Check Now
a2 hosting $99.59 2 2X500 GB RAID-1 8 GB 10 TB 1 Check Now
Namecheap $40.88 4 1 TB SATA 8 GB DDR3 1 TB 1 Check Now
Inmotion $115.69 4 500 GB 8 GB DDR3 6 TB 5 Check Now
Host Hero $175.00 75 GB Raid 2 GB DDR3 5 TB 2 Check Now
iPage $119.99 2 500 GB 4 GB 5 TB 3 Check Now

Question – do I need a dedicated server hosting?

Answer – Well, dedicated server hosting is quite expensive because of its hardware. So, if your website traffic is high and may increase soon. Plus, you are looking for a secure web hosting with the optimal load time then you must have to go with a dedicated server.

Best Email Hosting Provider

Although, web hosting comes with free email accounts. But they don’t have good spam protection and are not capable to handle high email traffic.

In addition, Gmail, Hotmail, etc count them spam.

Hence, the demanding users who have high or medium business email traffic with their own domain name required dedicated email hosting.

The email hosting service is quite cheap. Get the best email hosting service provider…

Host Name Price from / mo. Cloud Storage Email Storage Other Features
G Suit $6 30 GB Unlimited Check Now
Hostinger $0.99 10 GB Check Now
Namecheap $0.99 5 GB Check Now

SPECIAL GIFT – Use the 100% working discount coupon codes 677P7AD9XHDMMKH & D9DR4VKFMMQRTHK and get 20% Off to your first-year G Suit sign-up.

Email Hosting Review

G Suit is costly than other email hosting services. But it comes with a lot of extra benefits.

As I said earlier – Gmail, Hotmail, etc mostly filter domain emails to its spam folder if they are hosted on the third-party hosting providers.

But G Suit emails directly go to inbox without any issue.

So, here question – which email hosting is good for you?

See, if your receiving and sending email ration is around 90:10 means 90% you receive and rarely you send form your domain then you go to third party email hosting.

Otherwise, go to G Suit only.

My recommendation – go for G Suit because it comes with a lot of benefits and a 100% spam filter. So, you can check the benefits by clicking on the “Check Now” button above in the table.

Reseller Web Hosting Comparison

Reseller hosting is a form of wholesale we hosting wherein the owner can manage and resell hosting space to his customers.

With the reseller hosting, you can allocate the desired disc space and the bandwidth.

If you are a web agency or want to start your own hosting business then you can start with reseller hosting.

Get the best reseller hosting company…

Host Name Price from / mo. Storage Bandwidth Other Features
a2 hosting $9.80 30 GB 400GB Check Now
Namecheap $18.88 30 GB Unmetered Check Now
Inmotion $15.39 80 GB 800 GB Check Now

This is the best option for startups who want to become a host. This is one of the money-making methods wherein being a small host you earn a good income.

Web Hosting FAQ

What is web hosting

Web hosting is a service through which you live your website over the world wide web.

What is web hosting cost?

Web hosting costs vary and depend on the type of server. Wherein shared hosting plans are the cheapest, starts from $0.99 per month whereas dedicated server price starts from $40.88 per month. For the cost comparison, give a look at the above table.

What are the different types of web hosting?

1. Shared hosting
2. Managed WordPress Hosting
3. VPS hosting
4. Cloud hosting
5. Dedicated server hosting
6. Reseller hosting
7. Email hosting

How do I start a web hosting business?

Simply follow these 5 steps to start your own web hosting business:
1. Give a name to your brand
2. Purchase reseller hosting (best hosts are mentioned above in the table)
3. Setup your website and billing
4. Setup your 24/7 support system
5. Find customers who will buy your web hosting services

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